Hardware Support
We support installation, maintenance and troubleshooting of every possible kind of hardware. Products range from large scale Servers to small Desktops and Notebooks of different makes like DELL, Compaq, IBM etc. Peripherals include HP laser Jet Printers, HP DeskJet Printers, HP/Canon inkjet Printers, Dot-matrix printers, scanners, UPS, CD-ROM drives, DAT/DLT tape drives, Iomega Zip & Jazz Drives, etc.

Software Support
We are capable of supporting any software, operating system, web design, e-commerce solution, Internet Salutations and package programmes. Making cross-platform scalable software for e-commerce and Internet based office management is just one of the ways in which Technosis is emphasising both the hardware and software sides of networking. The company has overcome technological bottlenecks, have produced networking acceleration that is uniquely characterised by flexibility and simplicity, and it has mainly been through Technosis software development efforts.