We support every kind and levels of Networks, ranging from small scale Local Area Network based on TCP/IP to Wide Area Networks such as VPN between multi-location Offices. These include central/focal point user/group and resource management along with effective information sharing. We are also experienced in Banyan Vines and Windows NT Workstation Dual Network Boot up. Support includes installation, maintenance, and establishment of connectivity and troubleshooting of servers and Workstations both in local and Wide Area Networks.

Remote Access: Installation, Troubleshooting maintenance of Remote Access Servers, Lotus Domino and Notes Servers, etc.

Dialup and Internet support: Installation, maintenance and troubleshooting of complete ISP standard solutions, from dialup/dial-in to Internet mails, gateways, firewalls, etc.

VSAT, DVB and other Radio Connectivity support: This includes installation, maintenance, support-service of VSAT equipment and relevant other systems, providing either or both point-to-point and Internet connectivity. DVB and Radio setup is also done as and when required. There is Radio Link support for providing Internet Connectivity (non-b2b) at cheaper cost as well. Being a bona fide reseller of the major ISPs in Bangladesh, it is quite simple to ensure the best possible Internet connectivity at any location in Dhaka.