About Technosis International Ltd.

More than half of the company’s employees are actively engaged in research, and 70 percent are qualified software engineers. With roughly seven years of R&D experience in the IT and Data Communications, Technosis International’ personals can be categorised as part of the best-trained and most qualified professionals in Bangladesh.

Technosis International also benefits from the close working relationship between its R&D, IT division and Software design teams, which work together in almost every aspect of product development, ranging from product planning to mass production. It is through their combined efforts that Technosis International has been able to produce high performance products that are also aesthetically pleasing.

In 1998, The World Bank Resident Mission in Bangladesh invited us to make a brief quotation to setup network and install software for its Information Technology Department. They have chosen Technosis International out of six short-listed IT firms. The support includes prevent / take corrective measures in maintaining office computers, peripherals, accessories, software and other IT equipment with first level user support for about 100 personnel involved in IT uses. We have successfully completed our assignment and for more than four years the World Bank Bangladesh Resident Mission had been directly supported by the IT Help Desk from Technosis International Ltd. At the beginning, we set up the huge network at WBRM including Synoptic / Bay Network Hubs, Ethernet cards, Structured Cabling, Modems etc.


Organogram of Technosis International Ltd.