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In 1995, a group of experienced young professionals formed Technosis with a vision to offer its skills and knowledge to enhance our country's technical expertise and to develop customised products according to customers’ needs. In Bangladesh, IT (Information Technology) has been growing very rapidly. Keeping pace with that, Technosis too has enhanced its skills levels in this market — Sales and Support, Development and Management Consultancy — with a very small capital of BD Taka 200,000.00 (Two hundred thousand only).

Today, Technosis is one of the leading IT Business Developers, Support and Consultancy Organisation in Bangladesh, having three subsidiary companies.

Technosis wants to be distinguished by its capabilities as System Integrator. It combines hardware, software, network and support services, which satisfies information needs of the customers covering all major business areas including Banking, finance, Government, Semi-Government, Corporations, International Organisations, Trade, Manufacturing etc.